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Kiila’s brand new CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD “Tuota tuota” is going to be released by Fonal Records on the 27th of May. You can pre-taste the album in myspace, RIGHT NOW! Plinks plonks!


Wow, I will be perfroming next week at the very great Clandestino Festival c'mon c'mon! There will be plenty of cool things there!


Well now! There’s a couple of moving images from the UK-tour available for your eyes in Youtube: Live footage from the gig in Sheffield and an interview done in the woods nearby. The moving images were captured and processed by The Architects of Harmonic Rooms.


Heyy! “Jos ken pahoin uneksii” is now available as “high quality mp3s”. It is distributed to the major digital retailers by Diogenes. What does it all mean you may ask, but it sure is nice!


The UK-tour was excellent! Thanks to all of those who helped to arrange it and the deepest bow to the lovely audience!


No jopas! “Jos ken pahoin uneksii” on valittu vuoden 2008 Etno-Emma ehdokkaaksi!! Kiintoisan historiallisen aspektin asiaan tuo kenties se, että edelliset vastaavat vahvasti jouhikkopitoisia-levyjä kohdanneet huomionosoitukset ovat 70-luvun lopulta. Tuolloin edesmennyt oppimestarini Styrbjörn Bergelt voitti Ruotsin gramofonipalkinnon “Å än är det glädje ... å än är det gråt“ sekä “Tagelharpa och videflöjt” –levyillänsä. Nerokkaita (ja tietenkin ajat sitten loppuunmyytyjä) levyjä ja etenkin jälkimmäinen aivan ylittämätön jouhikko-teos. Huh.

Emma-sivustolla on aiheesta lisää.

Ah, ja Englannin kiertue 6.-16.2.2008 on muokkautunut kutakuinkin lopulliseen muottiinsa. Tarkemmat päivät ja paikat löytyypi justiinsa tuolta “events”-osiosta, mutta ovat jo ilmoitetut myspace-sivuillani.


“Jos ken pahoin uneksii” album has been nominated as one of the Etno-Emma (a sort a same thing as the Grammy-price, I pressume) nominees of the year 2008! The previous jouhikko-related award nominations are from the late 70’s. At that time my late mentor Styrbjörn Bergelt received the Swedish Grammofonpriset for his legendary albums “Å än är det glädje ... å än är det gråt“ and “Tagelharpa och videflöjt”. Especially the later is a suberb jouhikko-album.

More on the topic (in Finnish only) at

The UK-tour on the 6th through the16th of February has taken its final (well one never knows) shape. Thanks for Jon from the Singing Knives for helping to setting up the tour! Check out the specific dates in the “Events”-section.


Terve! Check out the new gigs at the "events"-section. I will be also touring in UK in February 2008. The specific dates and places will be confirmed later.


My new solo album ”Jos ken pahoin uneksii” is officially out! You can get it directly from Peippo’s shop and from the record stores with “that kind of assortment”, at least in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. If you are not a resident of these cities ask the local dealer to order it from the Töölön musiikkitukku. The good people at Peippo deliver the album abroad too, but at least Eclipse, Volcanic Tongue, Fusetron, Boa Melody Bar are also dealing it. There will be gigs.The official record release party will be held at Telakka on the 16th of October. Be there. Other gigs will be announced when confirmed. Now, get the album!!!


"Jos Ken Pahoin Uneksii" has already come from the pressing plants! It will be soon available for selling...


My latest album “Jos ken pahoin uneksii” (Peippo 2007) will be available soon! The album was recorded at the Nature Calls studios in Uppsala by the tall man Girilal Baars , who also produced the album.

The nine number one hit songs on the album are sort of a dialogues between me and the great guest musicians: Eero Turkka (vocals, harmonica, jouhikko, igil) Leena Puonti (harmonium, vocals), Marko Jouste (mandolin, oud) and Mr. GB (dosphuluur, vocals and various electronical devices). Thanks for Antti and Laura at Peippo for releasing my songs.

In the near future there will be three great studio albums coming out that I am also involved with: Äijä, Kiila and Vilddas have already been busy in the studio. Jouhiorkesteri has scheduled sessions later in the Autum.

Last, I have been quite busy with the project Masters of Finnish Folk Music with Lari Aaltonen. Check out further information about the project here .


Music Fellowship released my EP ”Hevonsilmä tulikekäle” on a 3-way split with Claypipe and The Blithe Sons called ”Amazed Map” . The five songs on the album were recorded already in 2003.



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