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February 12th, 2018 | Pekko

It’s been awhile since last updates…HERE’s a bunch of recent happenings…

PKKHHL will perform at WOMAD 2018, Santiago, Chile on the 18th of Feb sharing the stage with Omar Souleyman, Spiro and various other greats. More info at:


I have been extremely happy to have been able to feature on these new recods of these great artists:

Lau Nau: Poseidon (Fonal Records)


Check out the video “Elina” (Directed by Hannes Renvall)

Laura Moisio: s/t (Texicalli)

Laura Moisio

Kaukolampi-Puranen (KXP): Euthanizer – Original Soundtrack


Check out trailer!

Kaukolampi: I (Svart Records)


Olavi Louhivuori: Immediate Music I (Svart Records)


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